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Sunday, 18 August 2019

gujrat primary education, principal charge ruls

Gujarat is a state situated in the western part  of India and shares its northwestern boundary with Pakistan. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh  and Maharashtra are the neighboring states of Gujarat. Gandhinagar is the capital city of the state and Ahmedabad is its largest city  and the main commercial hub of the region. Gujarat houses a wide variety of industries and is considered one among the best industrialized states of the nation. Gujarat is also home to some of the prestigious educational institutes of the nation.
As a results of the division of the previous education director's workplace, From 9-10-76, the Director of Education (Primary and Adult) has acquire existence and then, From 1-12-86, the workplace of the board of directors of Primary Education has acquire existence oncethe division of the board of directorsof Primary and course of instruction.
The board of directors of Primary Education is related to the subsequent programs.
Primary Education. Education - coaching (PTC). board of directorsand Administration Primary Education:
Primary education within the state has been created free, universal and mandatory. within the town space, there area unit arrangements for giving primary education to the firstfaculties go past the District Primary Education Committees and also thepersonal establishments furthermorebecause the district panchayeteducation committees furthermore as within the rural areas.
2. Education - coaching (PTC):
A.PTC (D.EI.Ed): For the provision of coaching lecturers for primary faculties, 4332 trainees are becomingsecond year pre-service coachingwithin the state's total of 128 teaching temples.
B.Pre PTC (D.E.C.Ed) :: 08 Grant-in-Aid and 03 self-dependent pre-primary teaching teaching temples area unit operational within the state to confirm adequate coaching of lecturers for pre-primary faculties. This course for pre-PTC faculties has been in serious trouble 2 years from 2017-18. except for this, admission qualification has been passed in normal twelve. within the year 2017-18, 154 trainees are becoming this coaching.
3. board of directors and Administration:
so as to effectively implement the policy associated with primary education by the regime, directionsand steering area unit given by the board of directors of Primary Education at the state level. variedprograms for primary education reform area unit enforced through the education of the District Primary Education Officers. the small print of the executive system of the board of directors of Primary Education area unit as follows. The Education - addressing education, as well ascontinued education, pedagogy, instruction, technical education, pharmacy education
Major operations
necessary programs like persistent education and attainment
Universalisation of education for kidsaged vi to fourteen years
proscribing the enlargement of secondary and better education and professionalisation of pedagogy and improvement within the quality of secondary and better education
the main focus of the theme and non-plan provisions and also the best use and development objective of the investments in education sector.
rising the standard of implementation
Keeping in mind the immense targets, the Education creates education policies, inspects implementation and provides steering lines and orders.
On first could 1960, a joint section came into force within the name of Education and Department of Labor, forming the state of Gujarat. The Education of that point enclosedwelfare, Labor, Prohibition and Excise and Employment Department. For body reasons, the subsequentsubjects were step by step taken from the education and Department of Labor and since quarter day, 1976, a separate section of the Secretariat as Education came into existence. The Department of Education, thatdeals with primary education, continuous education and education as well as education, pedagogy, instruction, technical education, pharmacy education. 

Policy framework: 1) Continuous education and attainment program. for kids of vito fourteen years archaic Major top-limit solely to create primary education universal. 3) managementof enlargement of secondary and better education and pedagogy. Implementation of vocationalization and improvement of secondary and better education. 4) To target the provisions designing|of designing|of coming up with} and planning outside and to push the most effective use and development of investment within the education sector. P) Improve the standard of implementation.
Keeping this in mind, the Educationhas education-related policies. It conjointly oversees its execution and provides commands within the kind of steering and orders. Thus, themanagement of matters associated with education. The topics submitted to the department beneath the work rules area unit indicated within thepreferential-C. As head of the Education, there area unit 2secretaries, one in every of whom is Principal Secretary (Education) and Secretary (Primary Education). There area unit seven deputy secretaries and eight vice-chancellors. There area unit totally different|completely different} departments engaged ondifferent subjects and Section Officers eighteen (Govt. categorisedClass-II) is that the head of the branch. beneath the executivemanagement of the Education, there'seight head of the department and one statutory board. the subsequentheads of departments area unitoperating beneath the executivemanagement of the Education.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

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Friday, 9 August 2019

5 day rainfall fircast for the districkt of gujrat

Precipitation is liquid water in the form of droplets that have dropped from atmospheric water vapor and then become heavy enough to fall under gravity.  Rain is a major component of the water cycle and is responsible for storing most of the fresh water on Earth.  It provides the right conditions for many types of ecosystems, as well as hydroelectric power plants and water for crop irrigation.

  The main cause of rainfall production is the increase of humidity with three-dimensional areas of temperature and the contrast of humidity called the weather front.  If sufficient moisture and upward motion are present, it is possible to rain from compressed clouds (strong wind waves.), Such as cumulonimbus, which can be arranged in narrow rainbands.  In mountainous areas, heavy rainfall is possible where upscale flow is maximized on the side of the terrain wind at high pressure which forces the moist air to condense and rains along the sides of the mountains.  To the left of the mountains, the desert climate may exist due to the dry air caused by the downslope flow, which causes the mass of the air to warm and dry.  The monsoon trough, or movement of the interglacial convergence zone, brings the asons of rain to the climax of Savannah.
  The effect of the urban heat island is downwind into cities, increasing in both proportion and intensity.  Global warming is changing the pattern of rainfall globally, including damp conditions in northeastern North America and drying conditions in tropical areas.  Antarctica is the driest continent.  The average annual rainfall globally over the land is 715 mm (28.1 inches), but it is much higher at 990 mm (39 inches) across the earth.  [1] Climate classification systems such as the Kahn Penn classification system use average annual rainfall to help distinguish between different climate regimes.  Rainfall measurements are made using rage gauges.  The rainfall ratios can be estimated by the weather radar.
  Heavy rain on the desert at sunset
  Rain is also known or suspected on other planets, where it may be made of methane, neon, sulfuric acid or iron instead of water.
  Water-saturated air
  In southern Estonia, it is raining on the plains
  The air contains water vapor, and the amount of water in a given mass of dry air, known as the mixing ratio, is measured in kilograms of water per dry air (g / kg).  [5] []] The moisture content in the air is generally referred to as relative humidity;  Which can hold a percentage of the vapor air of a certain water at a certain weather temperature.  []] The amount of water vapor that the air parcel holds before it is saturated (100% relative humidity) and formed in a cloud (a group of small water and ice particles appearing suspended above the earth's surface) []] depends on its temperature.  Hot air may include more water vapor than cold air before it is saturated.  Therefore, one way to satisfy the parcel of air is to cool it.  The dew point is the temperature at which the parcel must be cooled to get saturated.  []]
  There are four main mechanisms for cooling air over its mist: adiabatic cooling, conductive cooling, radiative cooling, and evaporative cooling.  Adiabatic cooling occurs when air rises and expands.  []] Aviation can increase due to physical obstruction such as large-scale atmospheric motion or mountain (orographic lift).  Convection cools when air is exposed to cold surfaces, [8] usually blowing from one surface to another, for example from liquid water surface to cold soil.  Radical cooling is caused by the emission of infrared radiation, through the air or below the surface.  []] Evaporation is cooled when moisture is added to the air by evaporation, which forces the air temperature to cool to its wet-bulb temperature, or until it reaches saturation.  

  One of the main ways to add water vapor to the air is: in the area of ​​wind conversion

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Constitution of india some important topic

Complete Constitution of Republic of India with Schedule & Amendments in English

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• Parts,
• Articles,
• Schedules
• Amendments as notified by Govt. of India.
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